Welcome to the Stamford Bridge Singers

The Stamford Bridge Singers is a community choir founded in 2000 from a choir which originally started as Stamford Bridge Primary School choir in 1989.  The singers are from Stamford Bridge, York and the surrounding area.  We are of different ages and have different levels of experience in singing.  We get together every Thursday evening during school terms to rehearse, and we perform at a variety of events through the year. It is a four part choir – that is there are sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.  The upper two parts are normally female voices or boys, and the lower two parts are generally men.

The thing that we all have in common is that we love to sing – and we sing all sorts of music. Many choirs specialise in certain types of music.  With the Stamford Bridge Singers we sing a huge range of different types of music.  We might be working on a challenging sacred piece one minute, and then singing a popular show tune the next.  We’ve sung ancient music, classical works, folk tunes and pop songs.  The variety in our music is one of the things we find most enjoyable and certainly seems to go down well with our audiences.