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May Day Cabaret - Monday 7th May at 6.30 in Stamford Bridge Village Hall

Rehearsal Schedule for the day:

2.30:  Charlotte Phillips and John Mackenzie

3.00: Full Choir with Helen (piano) and Laura (Double Bass)

4.00: Full Choir and Full band

  • Comedy Tonight
  • Gershwin Portrait
  • Moon River
  • Ipenema
  • Easily Assimilated
  • Abba Songs (Money; Super Tr.; Thank you for the music)
  • Chasing cars

5,50: Charlotte and Band (Send in the Clowns

6.00: Band only (Jealousy Tango)

6.30: Start of Cabaret (see order bnelow)


Overture:“Comedy Tonight”
 George Gershwin : 3 medleys
 Chasing Cars
 Send in the Clowns (Solo by Charlotte Phillips)
 First Interval
Songs and Sonnets
Shakespeare’s verses set by George Shearing
 Moon River
 George Gershwin: 3 more medleys
 Second Interval
 Jealousy Tango (Stamford Bridge Dance Band
 The Girl from Ipenema
Guitar solos by John Mackenzie
                     Recuerdos de la Alhambra  Francisco Tárrega
                     Leyenda by Isaac Albéniz

O Mar Salgado – a Portuguese poem set by Stuart Nettleship                                                       performed by Charlotte Phillips and John Mackenzie

"Easily Assimilated" (Leonard Bernstein)  featuring Katie Morton and the "Singing Waiters"

 Raffle Draw
 Three ABBA songs
1. Money Money Money!
2. Thank you for the music
3. Super Trouper 



Rates are :

adults £60 p.a. £20 per term.

Juniors £15 p.a. £5 per term. 

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